The Global Gossip Game is an annual game of Gossip (also known as Telephone and Broken Telephone), the game where each participant whispers a phrase to the next. As the phrase is passed from person to person, it mutates in interesting ways. The Global Gossip Game, which was first held on International Games Day @ your library in 2012, takes this a step further, passing the phrase from library to library between games.

The inaugural game began at St Kilda Library in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and finished in Homer Public Library, Homer, Alaska, USA. In 2013, we began in Geelong West, Victoria, Australia, travelled to all seven continents (yes, including Antarctica!), and split into five different endings before finishing in Washington DC; Winlock, Washington State; Talkeetna, Alaska; and Burlington, North Carolina! See the blog entry for more information.

The Global Gossip Game was conceived and is organised by me, Philip Minchin. If you would like to contact me, you can do so via my website – I love to hear from people about what they think of the event!

3 Responses to About

  1. Willagee Library says:

    WIllagee Library recieving Library is Salisbury Library in South Australia.

    Secret Phrase is “new aunty”.

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